A well organized student leadership programme at TSUS will enable children to be self assured and become successful leaders of tomorrow. It will aim at providing students with opportunities to develop and practice leadership and social action skills to become catalysts for change.


at TSUS develops a spirit of belonging among the children and house activities bring a perfect balance between studies and extra-curricular activities which make learning fun.

The student council

The Student Council will include pupils exhibiting leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, sensitivity, integrity among other traits in a greater measure than their peers – becoming proud members of the student leadership body.

The Senior School Student council will evolve as the senior grades become functional.


again with students drawn from grade 5 will work towards the school magazine and students’ newsletters.


that encourage the development of leadership skills by having Class Monitors, Peer Buddies, Library-in-charges.

Also Class Representatives from grades 3 to 5 to develop a sense of responsibility and purpose in the children.